MACHTEK Eddy Current Separators EC series

Easy recovery of copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from industrial and municipal waste.


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The MACHTEK Eddy Current separator works using induction. The fast rotating rotor generates a variable high-frequency magnetic field, which causes the eddy currents inside the non-ferrous metals within its range. The magnetic field associated with the currents is directed against the direction of the magnetic field created by the rotor. Non-ferrous metals are pushed away by the resultant energy generated in this way.


Model Belt width(mm)









EC-60 650 4.0 6 2250 x 1750 x 1075 1100
EC-80 800 5.5 7.5 2360 x 1960 x 1100 1200
EC-100 1000 5.5 9 2470 x 2200 x 1140 1400
EC-120 1200 7.5 12 2560 x 2450 x 1180 1500
  • The sorted material of ferrous metals must be cleaned before using the MACHTEK AC centrifugal separator. The transmission belt with the MACHTEK electromagnet is ideal for this purpose.
  • The most effective for metals with granulation above 25mm.
  • The working machine produces strong vibrations; before starting it, make sure that it is secure and stable, attached to the ground.
  • Robust design adapted to work in the toughest conditions.
  • Easy recovery of non-ferrous metals.
  • Efficiency up to 12 tons per hour.


MACHTEK Eddy Current Separator EC series

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